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Promotional Products and Promotional Items


Thank you for visiting this page.

So you're thinking of purchasing promotional products but you're not sure whether it's the right thing for your business…FACT - Promotional Products WILL benefit your business or event….FICTION - Imprinted Promotional products are a waste of time and money.

Take a look around your office or almost every single commercial or retail premises you visit and you will see an assortment of promotional products that are continually promoting their brand.

Well, you've taken the first step, now please read on and let us help you with your requirements by utilising our experience of over 20 years.

Here at we offer all types of business gifts, promotional gifts, corporate gifts, and promotional products all imprinted with your logo.

You could be asking what’s the difference? Well, Corporate gifts are imprinted or engraved with your logo and they are given out to say a big and deserved thank you to all customers, as a gesture of goodwill.

Promotional products are all the giveaways you love to hand out at minimal cost. Your budget has the potential to go far with over ten thousand products to choose from and always imprinted with your logo.

Promotional Gifts are used as a cost effective method for launching new products, brand promotions and awareness.

At you’re not just any customer but an essential buyer of imprinted promotional products, promotional gifts, and promotional items and your promotional merchandise orders are dealt with individually!!!

We promise to fulfill your needs in terms of your corporate gifts, all they way from artwork generation to production and distribution from our head office in San Diego or even sourcing from our Far East office in Hong Kong.

Whether your budget is $500 or $50000, the experience is more than just purchasing promotional products with your logo, it’s a promise to bring you a straightforward and effective solution.

Our customer service and account executives always make sure that your imprinted promotional products buying experience with, runs as smoothly as possible and with regular and maximum communication. When our team helps you purchase branded goods for your company, you need take into account a number of factors such as how much it costs, how many people will see it, how often it will be used and how long it will last. Our sales team will recommend that when you take these aspects into account, there is often one product that comes high above the rest – it’s the imprinted promotional mug.

Imprinted mugs are one of the most cost effective products on the promotional merchandise market. While there are lower priced items such as mouse-mats and pens, the humble mug has the main advantage of longevity. People will often discard other imprinted promotional products quite quickly, because they’re unneeded or have served their purpose, but promotional mugs carry on boosting your brand for months, sometimes even years longer.

One of the main reasons for this is because the mug is a functional object that people will seek out to use. Rather than being sat around collecting dust, people will make use of your imprinted mug every time they make a coffee. Whether it's people you’ve given the mugs to as a promotional gift, or people in your own office using your corporate branded items, the mugs will keep advertising your logo.

Perhaps the best thing about the imprinted promotional mug is the wide range of choice it opens up to you. You can choose from a classy café latte mug, a fatter and wider bell mug for those early mornings where you just can’t get enough of the smell of coffee, or a more traditional style Sparta earthenware mug for a good old fashioned cup of tea. Promote your company and imprint these mugs with your logo on.

You can also choose where you would like your logo to be imprinted. Want your logo facing the drinker? Or facing out when it’s held in the drinkers right hand? It’s totally up to you. Want a full color photo imprinted onto the mug, or do you simply want the mug in your corporate colors – with the variety of promotional mugs available, the choice is yours.

So are you’re seeking a long lasting imprinted promotional product that works for you? You can’t go wrong with the imprinted promotional mug, an item that gives you all the choice you need at an affordable price. It not only promotes to the person drinking their coffee from it, everyone who passes by their desk will notice the branded mug, and anyone who speaks to them during the course of the day will see the mug sat there. The imprinted mug will certainly be carried around, either to meetings, to and from the kettle, again getting out there and promoting. The smell of coffee draws the eye, and before they realize it, they’ve glimpsed your branding and the mug has done its promotional duty again.

When reading this, you will have inevitably taken a look around to see if you have any imprinted promotional products placed on your desk, and it’s no surprise that many of you will find a promotional pen that you were sent from a client, or from an event you attended. Imprinted pens have been a much loved item for promoting for many years now, whether you are from San Jose to San Diego in California, or from Augusta in Maine and everywhere inbetween, and there are a number of reasons for this.

The main reason why many imprinted promotional products work is because they promote your business whilst offering a function. Promotional products with your logo on that are not useful to the client might get discarded, or put aside away from viewing, while items with functionality will get kept and used for longer periods of time. This is why imprinted products such as folders, mugs, pens and other stationery products make effective promotional gifts. The majority of people use a writing instrument in their line of work and this tends to make it very favorable.

An additional reason that imprinted pens make a fantastic promotional product is that they can be used in a number of different ways. While some may just see them as a business card with your company name and number imprinted, they can also be used as a simple giveaway  at events and trade shows, or even used to increase corporate branding at your office.

You may not have considered this before, but by branding your pens with your company phone number and name, you can then use them as a business card that they will always be on the desk rather than at the bottom of a drawer or in a file. This is a very unique way of having a company business card, and keeps your details easily reachable.

In our range of promotional products there is a massive choice of different promotional imprinted pens available. You can choose from recycled pens, cheaper plastic pens, pen sets and luxury pens, all imprinted with your logo. In each category there are a range of different styles and colors. This allows you a substantial variety of choice and ease when picking which promotional pen will represent your company by having your logo imprinted.

While some may think that a pen is a simple item that can’t be changed, some companies have  taken steps to innovate the product. You can now buy banner pens, which hide a banner rolled around the inside of the pen. When pulled out, it can display a much larger advertisement than you’d usually get on a pen. Highlighters are also now produced in a variety of shapes, such as flowers or even splats, to help brighten up your desk with your company logo branded on. Products like this are breathing new life into the use of promotional pens.

The pen will have been one of the first things to come to mind when people are asked to name an imprinted promotional product and there is a valid reason for this. Imprinted pens are one of the most successful promotional products, providing a function and promoting at the same time. Writing instruments have evolved from a simple product to probably the leading promotional product, and with the fresh ideas of using them to promote they definitely look like being a leader for a long time.

Imprinted Umbrellas have a number of strong points as promotional merchandise. They come in very useful for either your staff or clients next time they come into a downpour and turn them into your own mobile billboards when your brand logo is imprinted on the panels. If your office is situated in an area away from public transport then it makes a fantastic gift to your clients or staff members that don’t have their own cars and may possibly run a risk of getting caught in the rain before work.

Not only will an imprinted umbrella work for you when your staff are travelling to and from work, but they are also likely to use it in their personal time. This means a simple promotional gift that is given away evolves into so much more. While your clients or staff will be thankful of the kind gesture, they will also be going out in their daily travels promoting your logo.

If you are holding a golf event then it is worth looking at a higher quality and sturdier golf umbrella. These will add a sense of professionalism to your event, rain or shine. Golf umbrellas are a little tougher and you can now buy umbrellas which fit directly to stands on your golfing trolleys.

When it comes to imprinted promotional items, there is no broader branding area and visual than the site of your logo imprinted on a promotional umbrella. The most popular sizes are the 30" inch golf umbrella and not just because of the large area for branding it offers. This size means you can actually get more than one person underneath it, what more could all those of us that still believe in romance ask for!

When you’re choosing which promotional product to give to your staff or clients you may want to think of a functional item that they will continuously use, rain or shine. If this is the case, look no further than a promotional imprinted USB. Nearly everyone’s job involves some dealings with a computer, and Flash Drives allow them to ensure their data is kept handy, even if they're away from the office. We have an enormous range of USBs with the ability to be imprinted up to full color with your logo. We also have the latest new innovations in USB technology such as padlock and fingerprint USBs. You can decide the size of the memory you want to use, from 64MB up to 32GB on some of our range. Our memory sticks come in a mixture of shapes, such as the ever trendy twister flash drive, to make sure you find the one that suits you.

However, with the current economic climate still looming over the marketing budgets of current businesses it is no surprise that you may be worried about the upcoming year and you may be considering deserting plans to use promotional products branded with your logo, alternatively looking to focus your marketing on other methods. But why would you do this?
Promotional products are one of the best and most effective marketing tools for the modern business, with a recent study showing that 84% of respondents recalled a company after receiving a promotional product from them.

Part of the reason imprinted promotional merchandise can have a more positive effective is because they work in a slightly different way than radio campaigns or TV. While TV may bombard us with advertising every advert break, many people are too busy making a cup of coffee to notice. And when they make their coffee, your customers will more than likely be using a promotional mug, imprinted with your logo and name. That's constantly promoting, not just for a couple of minutes in between a TV program.

It’s true that TV advertising can reach a wider audience, but this could have its negative points. Many of the people who see your campaign may not be the people who fit into your target market, or even consider them. Using imprinted promotional products puts the power in your hands, either to send a mailer containing a gift such as a pen to build recognition before your follow up calls, or to ensure that regular customers are sent a corporate gift.

TV advertising can be an extremely effective form of media, but unlike promotional merchandise it doesn’t work for every company. This is due to promotional products not just being used for promoting but they can help with branding your office or staff to ensure your company looks more official. TV advertising may appear the sexier way to promote your product, but it is often a risk that many businesses simply can’t afford to take.

Talking of TV, at the pinnacle of the American Presidential election it was impossible to turn on the TV without seeing a massive amount of people celebrating Barack Obamas victory. With every channel broadcasting pictures of people in Washington, who in some cases had traveled 14 hours to see the new President get sworn in. Nearly every person who was there to celebrate this historic event was wearing a cap, t shirt or badge that showed their commitment to the new incoming President.

Obama’s campaign for President was highly praised by the media for its intelligent use of several under used tactics. This involved campaigning in smaller overlooked states and heavy use of the internet to create word of mouth. Using imprinted promotional products to back this up, supporters were turned into walking billboards, further showing support for his campaign and helping to reinforce him as a major contender.

On Obama’s campaign website a web shop was used for people to sign up and purchase items that help them display their allegiance to the contender. A variety of promotional products from apparel to bumper stickers were available, all imprinted with his logo, slogan and campaign name. These promotional products helped advertise Obama’s campaign slogan "Change can happen" and it was pushed into the forefront of the minds of many people who saw it. This series of events just goes to show, promotional products can be a fantastic tool in helping reiterate peoples belief in your brand, product, or your even your Presidential Campaign.

American Presidents have been using imprinted promotional products to help him them win elections for a very long time. In fact, one of the very first pieces of promotional merchandise ever used was the button badge. It was used by George Washington in 1789 and it helped him win the first of his two terms as President. Promotional badges have since become a traditional staple of American elections, with almost everyone proudly wearing theirs to show their allegiance to their party.

Even with Obama now in the office, you can still find promotional items with his name printed on. You can find various unofficial products such as Obama chocolates, Obama action figures, and even Obama Pajamas!

So if promotional products are beneficial for a President, why wouldn’t they be for you? Promotional badges make a fantastic giveaway with your logo imprinted, and just like a campaigner, shows their support for a candidate, your customers and staff will be showing their support for your brand every time they wear them. So when you’re attending an exhibition or trade show, then you might want to consider looking at our latest selection to see which promotional products will be suited to your brand and help your day go as smoothly as possible and really make an impact on your potential clients. Imprinted pens and badges are one of the best giveaway items for anyone who visits your booth as they will promote your business every time you use them and are often kept for a long time. You may add some professionalism to your brand image and consider promotional apparel for your staff to wear at the event to ensure you really stand out amongst the booths. If you’re looking for a cheap novelty giveaway, you can’t go wrong with a promotional keytag with your logo. These come in an array of different colors, shapes and sizes. If you have an event or trade show coming up, you should definitely be checking out our full range today.

If you are exhibiting at a trade show, it would be beneficial to have a few different promotional products for your stand. An item you might not have thought of is an imprinted carrier bag. But why wouldn’t you? When you giving away promotional products at an event, they can often get put away in a bag or pockets and hidden until that person gets back to their office. Promotional carrier bags can expand your brands reach as they use your consumers as promoters when they stroll around the show, flaunting your bag in hand with your logo branded on the side. Brand exposure can also be increased at your store or shop by using imprinted carrier bags; they ensure your corporate image is displayed just as much as you want it. Our range includes plastic and paper bags, as well as organic carrier bags, which will promote your business as environmentally friendly at the same time as promoting your logo!

There are so many promotional products to choose from, but the best thing about them is that there is always a range of items that are suited to your industry. For example, a construction company might look at our range of promotional screw drivers for their staff and imprint them with their logo to promote while they work. Maybe even our promotional clothing or high visibility jackets if they work in a high risk area imprinted with their branding. Meanwhile, office based companies will be more attracted to our promotional mouse mats for their desks with their logo on. A business with a large sales force that regularly visits clients may use our promotional USB Sticks to transfer data to their clients with their logo imprinted. That’s the thing about promotional products, they are diverse and our team will definitely find the one that is tailored to your company, so it’s well worth calling to see what we can find for you.

With the warm weather all around us you may be thinking of putting on a cap to keep yourself in the shade - so why not consider our wide range of imprinted or embroidered promotional apparel? We have a selection of clothing, from t-shirts to keep your staff cool in the warm weather, to high vis jackets for companies who work in the more dangerous environments.These clothes are ideal for making sure your company is well branded, as they will be worn by employees in the workplace or even worn for any occasions where your visiting shows or exhibitions, making sure your workers are really noticeably promoting your brand.

We are available to serve all the US and have locations in California including San Francisco, Los Angeles & Orange County.....Please contact our San Jose office or our Irvine California branch on 1 877-7788-521 for same day quotes.